Books I read in 2017

Every year, for ten years now, I’ve kept a text file where I list every book I manage to finish in that year. I started doing it before I heard of Goodreads, and I’ve kept on doing it even now that I actually have a Goodreads.

I don’t list comics or, usually, cookbooks, so there’s a lot I read that isn’t on here, but: eh.

Here’s my list for 2017. I’ve italicized books I like and would recommend, and put a star next to books I really, really liked. (One thing I do a lot is reread books, sometimes immediately after finishing them, because I want to read them again with the full story’s context, or I just liked them so much that I didn’t want to leave them just yet. Books that are rereads are underlined.)

001 Monkey: A Journey to the West (David Kherdian)
002 The Name of the Wind (patrick rothfuss)
003 Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories (ed. kelsi morris & kaitlin tremblay)
004 Swordspoint (ellen kushner)
005 American Indian Trickster Tales (ed. Richard Erdoes, Alfonso Ortiz)

006 the nature of a pirate (am dellamonica)
007 the dream-quest of vellitt boe (kij johnson)
008 the abyss surrounds us (emily skrutskie)
009 the abyss surrounds us (emily skrutskie)

010 battle hill bolero (daniel jose older)
011 the dream-quest of vellit boe (kij johnson)
012 the wise man’s fear (patrick rothfuss)
013 long may she rein (rhiannon thomas)
014 the schocken book of modern sephardic literature (ed. ilan stavans)
015 the jewish poets of spain 900-1250 (david b. goldstein)

016 the girl from everywhere (heidi heilig)
017 simon vs the homo sapiens agenda (becky albertalli)
018 what is obscenity? (megumi igarashi)
019 ronit and jamil (pamela laskin)
020 10 things i can see from here (carrie mac)
021 american street (ibi zoboi)
022 ancillary justice (ann leckie)
023 ancillary sword (ann leckie)
024 ancillary mercy (ann leckie)
025 the long way to a small angry planet (becky chambers)
026 every heart a doorway (seanan mcguire)
027 dreadnought (april daniels)

028 witchy eye (dj butler)
029 the upside of unrequited (becky albertalli)
030 north of happy (adi alsaid)
031 streetfight (janette sadik-khan)
032 defy the stars (claudia gray)
033 the nature of alexander (mary renault)

034 cetaganda (lois mcmaster bujold)
035 ethan of athos (lois mcmaster bujold)
036 labyrinth (lois mcmaster bujold)
037 thick as thieves (megan whalen turner)
038 thick as thieves (megan whalen turner)
039 the hundred thousand kingdoms (nk jemisin)
040 get it together, delilah! (erin gough)
041 a conspiracy of kings (megan whalen turner)
042 karen memory (elizabeth bear)
043 the thief (megan whalen turner)
044 the king of attolia (megan whalen turner)

045 it’s not like it’s a secret (misa sugiura)
046 a burglar’s guide to the city (geoff managh)
047 the fifth season (nk jemisin)
048 the queen of attolia (megan whalen turner)
049 heart of the pack (jenny frame)
050 radiate (ca higgins)
051 the traitor baru cormorant (seth dickinson)
052 take us to your chief and other stories (drew hayden taylor)
053 ninefox gambit (yoon ha lee)

054 raven stratagem (yoon ha lee)
055 georgia peaches & other forbidden fruit (jay robin brown)
056 the obelisk gate (nk jemisin)
057 spock’s world (diane duane)
058 down among the sticks and bones (seanan mcguire)
059 sovereign (april daniels)
060 saints and misfits (sk ali)
061 the stone sky (nk jemisin) ✩✩✩!!!!!!!!!!!✩!✩!
062 avi cantor has six months to live (sacha lamb) ✩ (I’m linking this bc 1) it’s free 2) I love it 3) I love Sacha)
063 the soul of an octopus (sy montgomery)

064 ways of seeing (john berger)
065 three parts dead (max gladstone)
066 the epic crush of genie lo (fc lee)
067 the epic crush of genie lo (fc lee)
068 the planets (dava sobel)
069 in other lands (sarah rees brennan)
070 in other lands (sarah rees brennan)
071 the riddle of the labyrinth (margalit fox)
072 borne (jeff vandermeer)
073 integrate (thea hayworth)
074 shards of honor (lois mcmaster bujold)

075 all systems red (martha wells)
076 straphanger (taras grescoe)
077 lives in ruins (marilyn johnson)
078 when dimple met rishi (sandhya menon)
079 provenance (ann leckie)
078 gentleman jole and the red queen (lois mcmaster bujold)
079 barrayar (lois mcmaster bujold)
080 provenance (ann leckie)
081 ancillary justice (ann leckie)
082 the red threads of fortune (jy yang)
083 when the moon was ours (anna-marie mclemore)

084 gathering moss (robin wall kimmerer)
085 the wave (susan casey)
086 shadowhouse fall (daniel jose older)
087 the book of swords (ed. gardner dozois)
088 from a certain point of view
089 it devours! (joseph fink & jeffrey cranor)
090 the black tides of heaven (jy yang)

091 akata warrior (nnedi okorafor)
092 the glass universe (dava sobel)
093 the hidden oracle (rick riordan)
094 the dark prophecy (rick riordan)
095 integrate (thea hayworth)
096 buffalo gals and other animal presences (ursula k. le guin)


For the number-crunching: in overlapping categories: 31 young adult, 20 science fiction, 32 fantasy, 14 non-fiction, 6 collections of short stories, 2 of poetry, 22 queer books, 24 rereads.

Most of these books (just under two-thirds) are by white women, and some of that is up to rereading LM Bujold, Ann Leckie, and MW Turner t h r e e h u n d r e d t i m e s, a lot isn’t. That’s something to work on next year. Also next year: more non-fiction (because I keep forgetting how much I like it, not because it’s “good for me,” nuts to that moralizing horseshit, my friends), more!!!! queer books, actually pick up copies of a few books I’ve been meaning to get to for years but which the library doesn’t have.

Later: more detail on particular stories that meant a lot to me in the last year.


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